Authentic Cajun theme parties backed by 20+ years of custom Louisiana boiling will leave both your feet and your taste buds dancing. We specialize in custom catered events that provide both private and corporate party goers with a truly unique and memorable Cajun experience.

Zydeco theme music will enhance the Cajun flare while the shellfish undergo our custom boiling process. The secret is, we season the meat that you eat, not the shell you throw to your feet!

Cajun Crawfish Company not only serves as a Dallas catering service but also as a Dallas and Ft. Worth event planner and Dallas party planner. We conduct full service event planning wrapped around our unique Dallas and Ft. Worth three part Cajun catering service!

We offer four diversified menus to select from to accommodate a wide variety of guests! You may select from a full Cajun menu including: Hot boiled Louisiana crawfish and shrimp with all the Cajun sides as well as Cajun fried catfish and BBQ with a slight Cajun flare, along with fajitas and appetizers!

Before we go, let us not forget we also serve as one of the top local suppliers for any/all of your live Louisiana crawfish and boil equipment needs! Crawfish pots and burners for rent or for purchase! Live Louisiana crawfish trucked in to order over night during the season!

Cajun Crawfish Company is one of the most unique Dallas catering service companies you will find! Four diversified menus, turn key event planning/party planning

So go ahead and give us a call for planning your next private or corporate party. Until then “Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler” or “Let the good times roll!”

Cajun Crawfish Company