Why Cajun Crawfish Co VS. our competitors?

Cajun Crawfish Company is Dallas original crawfish catering business since 1998. We conduct between 50-70+ events each season with a wide mix of repeat and new clients. If you need the “Cajun catering company you can trust” then you have found the right one! Will others try to under bid us many times to win your event? Yes! However, please do not forget the following phrases when selecting your Cajun caterer/crawfish boiling vendor: Many times “You get what you pay for” and “If it is too good to be true then it probably is” are all too often very true in our line of catering!

Trust us, we have the stories to support these statements from a few who have compared and found out the hard way at the end of their event! You only have one shot to pull off “your” big private and or corporate boil! These are only a few of our referrals we are listing. Are we perfect? Absolutely not! However, if trust, dependability, great boiled crawfish and professional service in a true turn-key event is what you seek, then please let us discuss your event with you!

There are many reasons why our past clients trust us each year to pull off their annual event! Would we post them on here for competitors to prey upon if we felt as though our relationships were at risk? Many “claim they can” and then try to lure clients by the lowest pricing! TRUST us when we say that in this line of catering “the lowest price” does not always guarantee the best food, service, staff, and event!

We cannot stress enough how important reference checking is when selecting your crawfish boiling company/Cajun caterer! It’s not BBQ and if not done right, then it can have a great impact on whatever impact you were trying to have with your event!

Cajun Crawfish Company is set up to pull off any sized boil and we do know how to do it. COME see one of our events and then make your own decision on who to use! Please email david@cajuncrawfishco.com any time you want to visit an upcoming event we have! Proof is in the crawfish….not the pudding!

Cajun Crawfish Company