Why choose Cajun Crawfish Company for your corporate or private crawfish boil?

Thank you for considering Cajun Crawfish Company for conducting your crawfish boil. Whether it is a private event, corporate employee event or client appreciation event, we have 19 years of local crawfish boil and event planning experience to offer when planning your event. Turn key event planning options to include but limited to the following: Help in venue selection, various Cajun food options, Tent/table/chair/decoration options, live band options, drink machines etc. When time is of the essence and you agreed to help “plan your boil” we can save you time and handle the boil and all other aspects of the event if you like! It is vital that “many moving parts” be planned correctly to ensure that your event is a success so that you will be back to do another event with us the following year etc. We strive to develop “working relationships” with all of our clients year after year. Everything from logistics of what venue you plan to hold your event at to how the crawfish will be served the day of your event are key aspects when planning your crawfish or shrimp boil. If your event is not a success then you will not be as likely to use us the following year. Much of your success depends upon these things. If allowed, we like to share our 19 years of event planning experience where we know how to help you plan a successful event.

Our crawfish are different read what we do and why!

Cajun Crawfish Company follows a Louisiana tradition of conducting a two-step boil/soak process that is very labor intensive but it is the “right way” to do any boil. We boil in one pot and then transfer crawfish/shrimp/veggies to our “seasoned soaking tank” with our own dry blend and liquid seasoning mix. Water temperatures are held at 140-150F. This temperature enables the crawfish to soak in the seasoned water without over cooking thus they pop right out of the shell each and every time! We do NOT sprinkle dry hot seasoning all over the shells as many other operations only know how to do. “We season the meat you eat not the shell you throw to your feet”. It makes a huge difference so if it is an authentic Louisiana boil you seek for your guest…we do it this way each and every time. Much why we yield consistent thumbs up from die hard local DFW crawfish eaters and native Louisiana transplants all the time! IF you have had ours vs. others you will know the difference!

Equipment we use makes a huge difference:

We have three professionally built crawfish boiling trailers that can boil thousands of pounds at a time. (Pictures on our web site) Trust us, there is nothing worse than patrons waiting in long lines to get their boiled crawfish. We know how to minimize wait times as we simply put do not fall behind when it comes time to boil/serve crawfish. It is a must at every event we conduct.

Our motto/philosophy is simple:

We do not look at these events as to “how much we can make” but rather as an “opportunity” to establish a “partnership” to where you simply call us to book your event year after year! We hope that you will allow us to show you why…so many people chose us to do their crawfish/shrimp boils year after year. I.E. Much why we have hosted the Dallas LSU alumni groups annual crawfish boil ever since taking it over several years ago now! Trust me, this group of local crawfish eaters expects the crawfish to be boiled a certain way which we do year after year for them and many more! We are more than happy to share referrals to set your mind at ease when you are deciding on which local boiling operation to “partner with” year after year. If you use us you and your guest will be pleased that you did! We encourage our potential new clients to conduct your due diligence and talk to clients of ours to verify how we helped them! We are as transparent as they get in this small niche business of crawfish boiling and event planning.

Thanks for reading and we hope to hear from you soon. Happy to answer questions and try to guide you to a successful event soon!

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