Surf & Turf Catering

Cajun Crawfish Company Surf and Turf CateringCajun Crawfish Company is able to prepare affordable “turn-key” “surf and turf” meals cooked on site for any special private or corporate meal/occasion. Fresh Canadian and Main lobsters served with succulent grilled ribeyes done at YOUR place of business NOT theirs!

Why pay outrageous prices and “chew up” extensive time and effort away from the office to host your next corporate celebration or holiday meal at a local Dallas steak house……..when the “steak house” can come to you?

Cajun Crawfish Company can offer complete grilled steak and lobster selections cooked fresh on site for less than most! Have you ever wondered why so many Dallas and Ft. Worth based steak houses charge what they do? WE do!!! Taste great but you pay for every bite…and all of their overhead……right!

Dallas steak houses such as Pappas Steak House, Ruth’s Chris Steak House, Steve Field’s Steak House, Three Forks Steak House, Del Frisco’s Steak House, Chamberlain’s Steak House, Kirby’s Steak House and Bob’s Steak House are all great!! No questions asked!! Dallas is filled with some of the best steak houses in the nation!

However, what if you could experience the same “surf and turf” meal prepared fresh on site at your company or home for a “fraction” of what your “final” bill would be had you visited one of the local Dallas or Fort Worth steak houses mentioned above??

Cajun Crawfish Company Surf and Turf CateringFor “surf”

Cajun Crawfish Company is able to provide FRESH Canadian and Main lobsters of ANY size……boiled on site!! If you’d like, let’s mix it up a bit with the addition of our large Mexican Brown Gulf Coast Cajun seasoned, boiled shrimp. “We season the meat you eat……..not the shell you throw to your feet!”

For “turf”

Cajun Crawfish Company Surf and Turf CateringWe suggest our “lightly seasoned” ribeye of any sized portion you desire! There’s nothing better than a well marbled Cajun Crawfish Company juicy grilled ribeye cooked over an open flame. Seasoned and cut the day before is our signature mark! Round off your meal with our Cajun seasoned boiled sweet corn and a lightly seasoned boiled red new potato!

In conclusion, all of this can be catered for you with great convenience at rates that rival and beat ANY of the major Dallas and Fort Worth steak houses listed above!

Surf & Turf Menu Options:

  • Grilled fresh 10-12 oz. 1 inch thick Ribeye steaks
  • Boiled fresh Main Lobsters typically 1-1.25 lbs.
  • Boiled head off 21/25 Gulf Coast shrimp
  • Boiled 3 inch yellow corn cobs
  • Boiled Red New Potatoes
  • Melted garlic butter with a hint of our Cajun seasoning blend
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