Why Cajun Crawfish Company for your live crawfish needs/crawfish boil?

  1. We supply ONLY FRESH LOUISIANA CRAWFISH which is typically trucked in overnight……..so what does that mean to our clients? Minimal dead loss if any ever!
  2. ONE STOP SHOPPING: We are the only local crawfish supplier who can fulfill ALL of your boil needs in ONE STOP! Fresh live Louisiana crawfish, shrimp, oysters, our own dry seasoning people love, pure liquid concentrate, sweet corn, red new potatoes, pot and burner rental as well as sales etc. Your party planning for a Cajun cooking theme party starts and ends here! Need great Cajun recipes for your boil? Buy from us….. We’ll tell ya! … While we sell ya! Competitive pricing, we confirm your order before committing to you, convenient pickup in Lewisville, Cajun Crawfish Company is your full service Cajun theme party and crawfish boil supplier!
  3. Honesty is our goal: When you order live crawfish from us your order is going to be filled when you pick up……not “OH sorry they did not come in” ! Unlike most grocery store suppliers…….we deal directly with “the farmers” so we have trusted our orders to the same suppliers for now over 19 years!! Prices and quantity will always vary like the weather! However, we tell it and sell it how it is…Otherwise you don’t come back…Right? What we quote at order time is what you pay. We don’t like surprises! Neither do you. Much why we sold over 150,000 pounds each year!

We Offer 2 Grades of Live Crawfish

Cajuns are known for their “joie de vivre” or joy of life. We celebrate with family and friends. It’s in the food that we eat, the music we listen to, in what we wear, and even how we decorate. It’s a way of life.



We grade our best boat run crawfish which is a mix of all sizes. But then we give you more. A great mix of mediums and larges. That’s the Cajuncrawfish VALUE that you GET!

Available in 30lb bags



This size is bigger, and bigger is better. These crawfish are caught, cleaned, graded, and shipped the same day.

Available in 30lb bags and 15lb bags at the middle of the season

When ordering from the Cajun Crawfish Company you are always guaranteed to get the exact 30lbs of crawfish in every bag!

Don’t be fooled by expensive “Cajun packages” on most sites! We too sell beads and spices for pocket change. Not as “Cajun packages” to help mark up the cost of the crawfish! Cajun Crawfish Company is able to provide FRESH live Louisiana crawfish to local Dallas/Fort Worth residents weekly during the crawfish season. Our supplier is based out of South Louisiana and delivers overnight to us 3+ times a week during the season (typically late January through July). In a nutshell (crawfish)… We sell live crawfish not a lot of hype.


Local pick up only NO shipping of live crawfish

100% Our Farm to your Table Guarantee

Farm fresh live Louisiana crawfish to table guarantee:

Why does Cajun Crawfish Company sell tens of thousands of pounds of live Louisiana crawfish to local DFW clients year in and year out each season? It’s simple! We buy from one supplier (Fruges) and have since our inception to the DFW live crawfish market back in 1998! We are fruges #1 Dallas retailer of their live crawfish. When you order from us, live crawfish come in (overnight) three times a week! Thus,our crawfish are delivered as fresh as you can get them which eliminates many “dead loss issues” that you may have previously encountered when ordering through grocery stores or other retailers that do not specialize in live Louisiana crawfish! Buy from us and you get fresh live crawfish overnight plus all other boil supplies under one roof! 146,000 pounds sold during 2016 season……….this is why!

Cajun Crawfish Company

Cajun Crawfish Company – The #1 retail choice for your live crawfish in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas.

No Field Run Guatantee

At Cajun Crawfish Company we never sell plain old field run. Field run are straight out of the trap. Some ponds run big, some run small and some are just not good. Field run are like Forest Gump’s “box of chocolates… you never know what you’re gonna get.”

At Cajun Crawfish Company we know crawfish. Why take the chance? GET THE BEST! Our VALUE grade is always clean and consistent.

Try our seasoning, corn, and new potatoes!

Local Live Crawfish FAQs
Local: 972-337-2645 (BOIL)
Or Order Online…BUT we still need to “speak to you” to confirm order!!

Local live crawfish ORDER and PICK UP INSTRUCTIONS please read carefully!

  1. Order Deadlines
    – Live crayfish/crawfish orders must be placed by 10 a.m. the day before delivery to our shop at 1671 Riverview drive in Lewisville suite 114A. Delivery days are typically Tues, Thurs, Sat. So if you want crawfish for Saturday we must have your order in with us (confirmed by one of us) by no later than 10 a.m. Friday (the day before you intend to pick up) but prefer you order as early in the week as you can! Need them for Friday……order in by 10 a.m. Wed. as they deliver to us on Thursday…..we will set time for you to pick up Friday! Please order as early in the week as possible as if they ever cut us off early on Friday from taking more orders during busy weekends or if weather causes a shortage…….then we are done for taking more orders!
  2. How do I order?
    – You can now order ONLINE.
    – You can also email live crawfish requests to info@cajuncrawfishco.com or leave message on 972-337-BOIL (2645) OR cell 469-374-1071.PLEASE NOTE: If you have ordered online, via email or phone, rest assured we have received your request. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 
  3. Pick up times/location?
    – PICK UP TIMES: Saturday typically between 9-11 a.m., week day pick up times TBD (we will set up with you).
    – LOCATION: 1671 Riverview dr. Lewisville suite 114A. Click here for directions.
  4. Pricing/ Size of bags/crawfish (sizes) available
    – Updated weekly by calling 972-337-BOIL(2645) OR on our Face book.
    – Pricing will be per (pound) per sack which will be either (15) or (30) pound bags. We will carry Quality crawfish (mix of medium and large bugs that have been washed and cleaned) and the MOST POPULAR WE SELL (Select) which are a “graded crawfish” (size is bigger) that have been rinsed by a sprayer before they are bagged. Select crawfish are usually best found in mid April/early May. All large crawfish that are washed depends on availability each season.

What Makes Our Crawfish So Much Better?

Cajun Crawfish Company has teamed up with the best crawfish farmer in Louisiana – Fruge. Fruge has been a supplier of premium crawfish for over 30+ years. They are well known for their farm-to-table processes. All of their crawfish are live and are cleaned, washed, and graded before shipment. Fruge ships only the largest available product. Their focus is on size and quality. There are cheap crawfish and there are big crawfish, and big crawfish are not cheap. If you are going through all the trouble to impress your friends, you might as well get the best. Depending on the time of year, the grade may vary with extreme early and late season being worst case. In the heart of the season, you can depend on a select grade of crawfish approximately an 18 count or better. Size is not guaranteed, but only the best will be available for our customers.


Fruge will never ship plain old field run. Field run are straight out of the trap. Some ponds run big, some run small and some are just not good. Field run are like Forest Gump’s “box of chocolates… you never know what you’re gonna get.”