Grocery Store Boils

Albertsons Success Story

Dallas’ original & authentic Cajun custom boilers specializing in grocery store boils and catered events. Cajun Crawfish Co. is backed by 20 years of experience. Daily boils up to 2,500 lbs. undergo our unique seasoning process in our custom boiling unit to provide great tasting crawfish.

Crawfish boils are an integral part of the Cajun culture. If you’ve ever been to the Big Easy, chances are you’ve feasted on hot, boiled seafood. Now, you can transport that New Orleans atmosphere right to your store with an authentic Cajun-style crawfish boil! Hot boiled crawfish surrounded with corn and potato is enhanced by zydeco music that is guaranteed to “spice” up our Cajun flare.

In order to assure a successful boil, we provide an aggressive advertising campaign that starts one week prior to your scheduled event. This will include strategic placement of our custom banners and signs throughout the local area including your store.

To support our statements, please review the enclosed success story that was written by a local Albertson’s Meat Sales Manager. The increased volume and sales within the seafood department was quite impressive. Please keep in mind that these statistics were based upon a one-day boil. Two-day boils are strongly recommended and are typically more productive.

Whether the profits are for your store or for your local charity, Cajun Crawfish Co. supplies much more than spicy hot crawfish! Boil dates are being booked fast, so don’t miss your chance. We look forward to discussing options for your boil in the near future. Until then, “Laissez les bon temps rouler” or “Let the good times roll”. We look forward to your response!


PLEASE NOTE: Prices listed are for grocery stores only and private and corporate parties will have to be quoted by us as each party will vary in size and will be dependent upon how many pounds of crawfish you want cooked.

Custom boil prices will be priced as a one-day or two-day event. Prices listed will include the following:

  • Mobile Boiling Unit Rental (20 foot custom boiling trailer)
  • (2) 100lb. bottle of propane/butane gas – cooks up to 2,500 lbs. of crawfish
  • (1) 50 lb. box of dry spice – seasons up to 2,500 Ibs. of crawfish along with,
  • (1) gallon of liquid spice
  • Advertising campaign to promote your location’s event.
  • This includes set up and strategic distribution of customized signage
    • (2) 8X2 ft. banners – hung at each store entrance
    • (2) 2×2 ft. plastic signs – for placement within the seafood dept.
    • (20) 2×2 ft. plastic signs – placed on surrounding street corners the day of the event
  • Select Cajun Zydeco tunes will permeate the air the day of the boil to enhance our Cajun flare and your shoppers interest!
  • Full set-up to clean-up (We do it all!)

You can call us or contact us for our current daily or weekend rates.

Cajun Crawfish Co. can deliver premium crawfish from the Atchafalaya Basin to your store location. Direct delivery allows for competitive pricing for select grade crawfish. Pricing is based on season and grade (size) of crawfish.

  • If corn & potatoes are desired for the boil, they will be supplied by the store
  • Daily boils greater than 2,500 lbs. will require additional dry and liquid spice, propane/butane gas – additional pricing required.
  • All prices subject to change
  • Most reservations require a 25% deposit. Refundable with 1 month notice.
  • Method of payment: Cash, check, or money order.
    Remaining balance due the day of the boil or no later than 15 days after the event.

In order to assure a successful event and help us to expedite our set-up process, we recommend that the following be done prior to your scheduled Cajun Crawfish Company boil.

  1. Advertising is the key. Cajun Crawfish Company highly recommends placing signs/banners advertising your event in strategic store locations at least one full week prior to your event. (I.E.) Two small signs placed on the inside of both front exit doors where shoppers cannot miss them. We can provide two 8X2 ft. banners for your seafood department and custom door signs to use the week prior to your custom boil.
  2. Make advertising announcements over your store intercom during busy hours at least one week prior to our arrival. (These advertisements will clearly complement our signs.)
  3. If requested we can provide 24 x 18 inch one-sided corrugated plastic signs that we will post on surrounding street corners prior to your event. During your event, we will post our own plastic signs on surrounding high traffic street comers. These will be placed the morning of the event. They will be removed later that evening. This advertising is part of your custom Cajun Crawfish Company package.

Now that we have generated an interest, let’s talk about the day of the event. In order to have a great start, we request the following from your store:

  1. Save us a spot! We strongly recommend that our 20 foot trailer be placed directly in front of the center of your store. Visibility is key. The trailer should be placed as close to the front of the store as possible. Trust us! Please rope off an approximate 30-foot by 15-feet section prior to our arrival.
  2. Unfortunately, we do not bring the boiling water. Please make sure that you have an appropriate store front water hose connection and hose so we can fill our pots. Most grocery stores have a special hose connection. Please check this.
  3. We will need a standard electrical outlet so we can permeate the environment with the appropriate Cajun and Zydeco music. We will provide the extension cord and the theme music!
  4. We require that two store employees be utilized during the selling hours of our event . One will run the cash register and the other will assist in bagging and weighing the crawfish.
  5. Make sure that you provide the following:
    1. 1-2 scales for weighing crawfishCash register with appropriate electrical hookup
    2. Plastic bags for bagging crawfish (same bags groceries leave in)
    3. Tables and chairs for set-up of the scales and register
    4. Two large trash cans
    5. Cardboard beer flat boxes or styrofoam containers for customers who eat there
    6. Paper towels
    7. Boxes of fresh corn (we will assist in removing the corn husk – store help required)
    8. Bags of new potatoes

Make sure that your produce department has extra corn and new potatoes for your boil! We will remove the cornhusks and prepare both corn and potatoes for your boil if requested. We recommend this Cajun touch!

Your store can sell the corn and potatoes or request that we give away an ear of corn and a potato or two with every order. ($.50 for l/2 an ear of seasoned corn or two new potatoes is a sure sell for the true Cajun!)

With all of this said and done, here’s what Cajun Crawfish Company will provide for your upcoming custom boil.

  • 2O+ years of custom seafood boiling experience
  • An eye catching trailer equipped with all necessary equipment for boiling several thousand pounds of crawfish a day.
  • All necessary propane to boil up to 2,500 lbs. Two tanks are included into your package. Additional tanks are available at our expense.
  • All necessary Cajun spice and seasoning that promises a boiled product that you and your customers are guaranteed to remember. The flavor is in the tail , not on the shell. Wait ’til you try the corn and potatoes!
  • Authentic Cajun and Zydeco music that we will play during your stores event. Our trailer is equipped with a CD player and two speakers.
  • 15-30 advertising signs custom made for your stores specific event. We will post these signs surrounding high volume intersections the day of your event. We can include your store name, the price per lb, and the date of event.
  • All coolers and scoops necessary for serving.
  • All labor for cooking from set-up to close down and cleanup.
  • All boiling includes crawfish, corn and potato, etc. This can include preparation of extra crawfish you may want to boil and sell through your seafood market the following week. Boiled crawfish, when chilled can be sold for several days to a week after your event. Why not extend your event?

Our professionalism will serve in creating an authentic Louisiana Cajun boil package that is guaranteed to serve as one of your stores most catchy annual promotions. At the conclusion of your event, we will be back in touch with the appropriate management the following weekend so that you may critique our services from start to finish. We trust that our final discussion will be on how you can bring us back and what other stores you can recommend our services to.

Looking forward to a unique experience with a lot of fun.