• Release Form/Rental Agreement

  • This release form and rental agreement must be read and signed and agreed to by all customers of Cajun Crawfish Company who rent one of our propane gas burners and or one of our 120 quart aluminum boiling pots. Cajun Crawfish Company is not to be held responsible and will not be held liable and will be held harmless in the unlikely event of any fire or burns (both fire and water burns) you may possibly sustain while conducting your crawfish boil. This includes property damage also. Rental of our equipment is just that. You are assuming all (assumed or implied) risk involved with using our equipment once rented and it leaves our presence. It is understood that Cajun Crawfish Company is not being employed to conduct your boil and furthermore will not be held responsible for the use of the equipment once you take possession. Cajun Crawfish Company is to NOT be held responsible in any case in regards to water or fire induced burns or property damage induced by fire. ALL burners must be set up at least 20 feet from any building or object and used on a flat dry surface such as a cement driveway or parking lot. NO use on open grassy areas.

    Cajun Crawfish Company rents propane burners and 120 quart aluminum pots for boiling shellfish and vegetables only. We do not rent burners for frying turkeys. Our burners are never to be used for frying turkeys.

    REPLACEMENT COST/EQUIPMENT RETURN: Equipment rented from Cajun Crawfish Company MUST be checked out and approved before leaving our presence. All equipment must be returned in same working manner as it left when initially rented. You are responsible and agree to replacement of equipment if damaged or lost or stolen while in your possession. Replacement cost of (each) burner unit will be $150.00 and replacement of (each) 120 quart aluminum pot will be $275.00. These charges will be billed to your credit card if equipment is 1 damaged or not returned or never returned under terms of this agreement. Returns must occur within two days of rental UNLESS a different time frame is otherwise agreed to at time of rental.

    CLEANING POLICY: While we would hope all customers return our equipment in the same manner it left, some in the past have not! Pots must be returned in same clean manner they were rented to you in. You will be charged an additional $20 per pot…….if we have to clean them. Our customers want to conduct their own boil, not try left overs from yours! Pots may be rinsed out with a hose or carwash powers sprayer. Please rinse any and all soap out but we prefer just scrub by hand and rinse with cold or hot water. Next customer will not like a soapy batch of bugs! Not the recommended seasoning we sell!

  • Customer has read and understands each and every term and condition of Cajun Crawfish rental agreement. Customer understands that they assume full responsibility for upholding the terms and conditions of this document. If agreed to, please date, print and sign name below.
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