Top to bottom these are just a “few referrals” with many of our local/national clients being former native Louisiana residents or LSU alumni. Cajun Crawfish Co since 1998! Please read LSU grad, James Lo account of dealing with us for his local crawfish boil at the end of this list!

Hello, This is Paul Perret, a very happy returning customer from twice last year. ? I’m looking at purchasing two sacks of the live Select for May 16, and would like to know how the pricing is looking. Please email me back.

Paul P, Boys & Girls Clubs
Just wanted to say Thanks to David and you! The crawfish boil was a huge success and everyone raved about the crawfish (we handed out all of the business cards David gave us) You have gained a customer for life.
Chris C, Frisco PD/Patrol Division
Thanks for such beautiful crawfish. The party was a major hit as usual, I think we need to order about 400 to 500 lb’s for next year because we ran out. Thanks again call you next year…
Louis P., The Gordian Group
Everything was perfect. Around 30-33 lbs. I even had to call some people over for a pre-party last night, and today is the real party. The bugs had no muddy smell to them or anything. I’m ready for round 2 today. Thanks again, David
Phil Nguyen
Everything was perfect. Around 30-33 lbs. I even had to call some people over for a pre-party last night, and today is the real party. The bugs had no muddy smell to them or anything. I’m ready for round 2 today. Thanks again, David
Phil Nguyen
Everyone raved about the evening and said it was the best one we ever had so I know we will be using you again. The folks from New Orleans were especially pleased and said we finally had some good food in Dallas.
Fran, St Paul Travelers Bond
Just wanted to let you know those where the best crawfish I had seen in a long time… only ended up with 2 out of the bag that where dead, must say I was impressed. I will be using ya’ll in the future for any and all of my crawfish needs. Thanks again
Keith G

To My Fellow LSU Alumni,

The Cajun Crawfish Co. is a business I would strongly recommend to anyone needing a professional and reliable source of excellent crawfish. My brother Joseph and I moved from Baton Rouge to Dallas many years ago. Ever since we arrived in the metroplex, we always agreed that it was almost impossible to find good crawfish like we used to get in south Louisiana. So, to satisfy our taste buds we decided that we had to boil our own crawfish. Over the years, our little crawfish boils have turned into an annual event that our “closest” 100+ friends eagerly await their invitations to. Now I know this number of hungry mouths pales in comparison to the Alumni events. But, for 2 brothers having a gather of this size in their back yard, it’s enough to give us a little stress to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

I’m very proud to say that one part of our annual boil that we no longer have to stress about is getting good crawfish and this is thanks to Mr. David Snell and the Cajun Crawfish Co. Over the past few years, all of our experiences with David and his staff have been very positive. All of our orders have been filled exactly as expected. If there were any issues that came up, it was communicated promptly and our expectations were accurately set as to what steps they were taking to address the issue.

Last year, due to some late additions to our guest list, I had to call in a last minute change to our order. David and his staff had to work some miracles, but they were able to come through for us and locate the additional sacks of crawfish we needed. Needless to say, we and our guests were very grateful!

If there is any other information I can provide, please feel free to contact me.

James Lo, LSU Class of ’96 – BSEE and Joseph Lo/LSU Class of ’92 – BSEE

Another reason to buy live crawfish from Cajun Crawfish Co. vs. a grocery store/others!

We picked up 2 large sacks of crawdads today, Sunday May 2nd for an annual boil we have with a group of friends, etc. The past years we had purchased our bags at Albertsons (they were just ok) and last year was the absolute *WORST* ever that we got at Fiesta. Ack. Literally, 2/3s of them were DEAD!! We ended up at last minute rushing to the Vietnamese market and buying everything they had. Disaster. But I digress. From the 2 large sacks we got from you….2, yes, a total of 2 were dead. And I think they died just from the trauma of the ride from Lewisville to Fort Worth (we live by the Museums here in FW). Also, they were BY FAR the BEST ones ever. LARGE, juicy, tender….we ALL just kept talking about them. I thought I just had to email and let you know!!!

We HATE leaving our neighborhood, much less Fort Worth, especially to “Dallas” (Lewisville, I know), but I just gotta say….. you have a customer for life now.

Oh, the cooker/eater is from south Louisiana, and he just raved also. Said probably some of the best he has had in his lifetime.

So, big PHEW on our part for cranking out such an awesome party, but it certainly wouldn’t have been without your red, clawed gold!!

Kelly Jo Nial
Just wanted to let you all know how great I think your company is. I know I should have written sooner and almost a year has passed since I had my event. The crawfish I purchased was very high quality and the mixed sizes were wonderful. The crawfish was pretty clean even before we purged them. I grew up in Southern Louisiana along Bayou Lafourche and we know crawfish. I will be ordering from you all very soon, my friends and family have been trying to get me to throw another crawfish boil so I have to oblige them. Again thanks so much… and if Cindy Shaw is still there give her a special thank you, because she really made the experience of ordering live crawfish a pleasurable one.
Cynthia E, Sprint Nextel - Access Verification
It was great! Red and Wayne did a great job! They are a hoot. I always enjoy talking to those guys back since when they had Bayou Boys. Everyone I spoke to at the event enjoyed the crawfish, also the corn and potatoes. And everyone loved the mushrooms. That was a great addition! Jambalaya was really good too. The thing I really impressed me about the crawfish was the juiciness. That’s important! I hate dry crawfish. Others had the same comment. Sorry for not replying sooner but I’ve been up to my ears.
Mike, LSU Tarrant Count Alumni Boil
Thanks again guys – the crawfish were PERFECT. We had about 100 people show up and not one crawfish left afterwards. I am doing another 300 pounds Saturday and could use another batch from you by Friday if possible. I will likely have someone else drive up there to get them same quality same quantity if possible! thanks again – you guys are the best!
Ben C., The University of Texas at Dallas
Just wanted to let you know the crawfish were AWESOME!! Much bigger than anything I’ve gotten at the restaurants lately. Maybe 10 dead out of the whole 35lb bag too. Great price and very easy to purchase. Thanks very much and we will be ordering again
Robert M, Gulfstream Dallas - G150/G200
We have ordered through your company several years in a row for shipments to Colorado. Without any hesitation I can tell you that your product has by far been the most consistent, hassle free delivery and not to mention very competitive prices. We look forward to working with you in April of 2008.
The Crawfish I bought from you on 4-4-09 were GREAT. My boil was 100% success and the fine Crawfish and Shrimp I got from you made it happen. I know how to cook them but you have to have good live crawfish to start with which I did. Out of the 93 lbs I got from you I only had about 3 lbs. that died before I cooked them late Saturday afternoon. I know part of it is knowing how to keep them alive but again they have to first be alive which mine were. Again Thank You both very much. Please keep me up to date through the season on what the price is running on the crawfish each week
Butch P, Energy Transfer Company
Thanks for the crawfish this weekend, you were right they were a good size. I saw your float at the parade this weekend, it looked like everyone was having a great time. I’ll call again when I need more crawfish.
Wayne, Former Native Louisiana resident/Dallas Cowboys


Hi again, I sure was at our event last year, and it was great. I know Rosanne wants to make it bigger and better this year, so definitely be sure to send her an email and remind her to reach out to you for a quote. I would love to see it grow into a huge event, and I appreciate everything you did to help make it a success.
Tanya, Boys & Girls Clubs
Thank you so much for working with us at our annual crawfish boil. This year we ended up serving 450 people. I heard nothing but great comments about your operation. Everyone loved the crawfish and thought the red beans and rice was a great addition. We are looking forward to next year.
Pam, The University of Texas at Dallas
On behalf of Cody, Derek, D’Ann and myself, Thank you very much for a wonderful event! Michelle is a real gem and Todd and his assistant were amazing. Our guests were overwhelmed that we would take the time to thank them for their business in such a unique way. We usually have 1-2 Open House type events a year but this was such a hit that we are considering holding it as a yearly event.
Thank you all again
Laurie, Edward Jones
Thank you for the pictures. I forwarded them to the rest of our fraternity and I know they will help all the guys piece together the latter part of the day. I really appreciate everything ya’ll did for us. The crawfish and shrimp were amazing and as you could tell, were a huge hit. I will absolutely pass on your name for summers to come to keep you guys involved in this party as well as any other party’s we will be hosting.
Thanks Again
Ryan, TCU/M. J. Neeley School of Business
Thanks again for working with me on the pricing and such for the crawfish boil. It was a great success, and we handed out quite a few of your cards. I hope some of them turn into business for you – some of my neighbors have talked about doing this for their church and such. Regardless, we have plans to do this next year, and hopefully it’ll be bigger!
Thanks again! It was a blast!
Alta Mantsch
I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the job that CAJUN CRAWFISH has done for Halliburton the last several years. The flavor, preparation, delivery to our site on time, and the willingness to be flexible when we have last minute changes is the key to us coming back year after year. Our Customers have never been disappointed in the flavor and look forward to us every year. I appreciate the service and look forward to a long working relationship.
Terry, Sales Manager/Halliburton Energy Services
The celebration was a great success. Thanks for all your help with the tables and chairs, the use of your camera (boy I went a little crazy on the picture taking sorry) and most of all the food. I received a lot of compliments on how good the food was and what a great idea the Cajun menu was. Thanks again!
Belinda, South West Airlines
Thanks, we thoroughly enjoyed your services, aka, party master. Thanks for helping us with random father of the brides, and city of Dallas officials. I will definitely think of you when catering needs arise.
Meredith, Sr. Account Manager | Microsoft
You did an awesome 40th for my husband Jeff 2 years ago. I just wanted to find out if you are going to be anywhere near here (flower mound) doing a boil in March? I know sometimes you are at Bass Pro Shops in grapevine, etc? I’d love to get him over to one so he can eat ? He still talks multiple times a year about his party and how awesome it was thanks to you.
Let me know…many thanks!
Thank you so much! Your food was a huge hit! Your guys that you sent out were very helpful and very nice! We will be contacting you in the future for our other events!
Thanks again!
Sarah, Texas A&M Commerce