Why Cajun Crawfish Company for your fund raiser or charity event?

Thank you for considering Cajun Crawfish Company for conducting your crawfish boil fund raiser or charity event. We have 19 years of local crawfish boil and event planning experience to offer when planning your event. It is vital that many moving parts be planned correctly to ensure that your event is a success so that you will be back to do another event the following year etc. We strive to develop “working relationships” with all of our clients year after year. Everything from logistics of what venue you plan to hold your event, to how the crawfish will be served the day of your event, and at what price are key aspects when planning a charity/fund raiser crawfish boil. If your event is not a success, you will not be as likely to do it again the following year. Much of your success depends upon these things. If allowed, we like to share our event planning experience where we know how to help plan a successful event.

Marketing of Your Event is Second to None

Cajun Crawfish Company has over 19 years of building a branded name in the DFW market for conducting some of the largest boils in town. With this comes a current following of around 5000 followers of ours between our social media and email list etc. Many of our followers want to know when we host events like yours that they can attend! We are very pro-active in marketing any public event to this group of crawfish fans! No local competitor of ours has this ability.

Equipment we use Makes a Huge Difference

We have three professionally built crawfish boiling trailers that can boil thousands of pounds at a time. Trust us, there is nothing worse than patrons waiting in long lines to get their boiled crawfish. We know how to minimize wait times as we simply put do not fall behind when it comes time to boil/serve crawfish.

Our Motto/Philosophy is Simple

We do not look at these events as to “how much we can make” but rather as an “opportunity” to establish a financially rewarding event for your cause. So much so that you do not hesitate to call us back when it comes time to plan your next year’s charity/fund raiser crawfish boil. We have done this for 19 years and are happy to share referrals to set your mind at ease when you are deciding on which local boiling operation to “partner with” year after year. You will be pleased that you did! We encourage our potential new clients to conduct your due diligence and talk to clients of ours to verify how we helped them! We are as transparent as they get in this small niche business of crawfish boiling and event planning.