We can save you BOTH time and Money where a full time Dallas or Fort Worth event planner or party planner may just save you time BUT NOT money!!! Dallas catering and Dallas catering services/event planning in one call!

Are you tired of making multiple calls regarding your private or corporate event planning or party planning? Do you have other job related duties that are receiving less attention since you were selected or elected to take on the role of the event planner or party planner for this year’s annual event? Chances are the answer to this last question is “yes”. MANY un-suspecting company based “event planners or party planners” have NO IDEA until it is too late of how much time and effort it actually takes to plan an ENTIRE “turn key” corporate or private event!! WE DO!!

Cajun Crawfish Company has established partnership relationships with numerous local/national resources that allow us to

  • Serve as full service local and national event planners and party planners for small to large scale private and corporate events. We primarily serve as Dallas and Fort Worth event planners and party planners!
  • Serve as a full service diversified catering operation with our Cajun menu, fried catfish, and barbecue catering, holiday caterings, appetizer caterings, and fajita caterings

Watch a fully-planned Cajun Crawfish Event

Why use Cajun Crawfish Company as your turn-key event planner or party planner

In short, we can save you time and money as we control the mark ups that our service related companies offer to us and we can pass along to you! Other Dallas and Fort Worth full time event planners and party planners receive the same discounts BUT do you think they pass those on to you when they make their living on these spreads?

We typically receive discounts from our event planning/ party planning resources on ALL services (A-Z) we need to plan your event.

  • facilities
  • tents
  • tables/chairs/linens
  • decorations
  • stage/podium
  • transportation
  • entertainment/DJ
  • drink machines
  • bar tenders
  • and more…

In turn, we can pass along those “discounted services” to our catering clients which will NOT typically happen when (a) you call direct on behalf of your company OR (b) if you “hire” a full time event coordinator to serve as your event planner or party planner.

I.E. If you or your “hired” event planner/party planner calls Ducky Bobs for a quote on a tent with chairs/tables and linens you will more than likely receive two different quotes!!! You a retail rate and the event planner/ party planner a discounted rate. WHY???

Because a full time Dallas and Fort Worth event planner or party planner makes their income based on discounts they receive from companies such as Ducky Bobs and then charge you retail and many times then some! You are paying them to save you the hassle when you are busy doing other work related duties!

When Cajun Crawfish makes that call and sets up all arrangements we receive a substantial caterers discount just like a full time Dallas or Fort Worth event planner or party planner receives. Our primary source of income is in our catering although very reasonably priced! By allowing Cajun Crawfish Company to serve as your caterer as well as your Dallas and Fort Worth event planner and party planner, we can control all event mark ups which YOU will never receive by calling direct on behalf of your company. Same may be true when you “employ” a full time Dallas or Fort Worth event planner/party planner!! Remember they typically do NOT OWN a CATERING BUSINESS and therefore have to make their income on all discounts they receive and then pass them along at retail or a higher marked up rate.

Cajun Crawfish Company has planned numerous corporate events as well as ground breaking ceremonies for local companies over the past eight years. Please give us a call to see how you may be able to save substantial time and money by utilizing Cajun Crawfish Company as your events caterer and as your Dallas or Fort Worth based event planner/ party planner. Call or email for further details or to receive a copy of one of our full service events on a CD!