Cajun Crawfish Company offers fried catfish caterings on a year round basis! Fried catfish seems to be growing in popularity with our clients. We suggest a Cajun Crawfish boil in the spring and save the fried catfish with traditional sides such as coleslaw, hush puppies, French fries for the fall. Want to mix it up the catering menu? Then please see our page on both private and corporate barbecue caterings!! Fried catfish and barbecue caterings are offered year round and seem to be a very popular selection for corporate functions as well as many non-profit fund raisers. Our Cajun fried Catfish may be prepared plain or with a kick of our “Cajun Crawfish” seasoning. How hot do you want it? Dallas and Ft. Worth fried catfish caterings are growing in popularity each year! Want to mix up your fried catfish catering? We can easily add in a mix of boiled crawfish (seasonal February-June) or boiled shrimp with Jambalaya or red beans and rice and or gumbo. Don’t forget we offer full barbecue meals with sides also!! However you want it! Your budget dictates what fish fry you want to have. Cajun Crawfish fried fish/ fried catfish caterings are a great year round alternative/addition to the seasonal crawfish boil! Call or email for a quote!

Fried catfish menu items/sides:

  • Regular or Cajun fried 6-8 oz. catfish
  • Coleslaw
  • Potato salad
  • Regular or Onion or Jalapeno Hush puppies
  • Sauces
  • Standard Condiments (Ketchup, Tartar Sauce, etc)
  • Desserts

Why Cajun Crawfish Company for your next fried fish/ fried catfish private or corporate catering?

  1. We offer most if not all of our fried catfish and side items in a “traditional” or “Cajun” spiced flavor. Cajun seasoning adds a nice enhanced taste to many of the items we offer! NO it’s not too hot just because the word “Cajun” is used!\
  2. We can offer fried catfish as well as a mixed barbecue and full line of Cajun menu items for your private or corporate catering!
  3. Is your time cut short on planning your next private or corporate catered event? Cajun Crawfish Company is the only local caterer who offers a full Cajun menu, BBQ menu as well as fried catfish who can also serve as a “turn key” Dallas and Ft. Worth event planner thus minimizing your time on planning your event! Why call Ducky Bobs when we have resources for the same services just at a lower cost?
  4. Three popular catered menu lines to select from, Dallas and Ft. Worth and surrounding area full party planning and corporate event planning with referrals to back it up!

Give us a call or contact us for your full service Dallas and Ft. Worth party/ event planning/ catering needs!